Anyone Can Play | Anyone Can Win

At ACL Championships in July 2018, the WCO World Cup made its debut. The field consisted of 14 ACL Conference Teams from the US and Canada. Each team roster had up to sixteen players eligible to compete. Teams had to strategically place players into 4 Singles, 4 Doubles and 1 Crew (4 players per Crew) to compete in a match play style. The first team to earn 5 of the 9 points moved on in the double elimination bracket. ACL players earned their way on on their conference teams by competing in the ACL points system throughout the season. International teams were open to form their team based on whatever format made the most sense. The total prize pool of the first WCO World Cup was $20,000.

Going into the tournament, the Mid-South ACL Conference was the favorite for the USA. After many long fought matches, the team from the Atlantic Conference claimed the title as the first ever WCO champions. The 2019 WCO World Cup will occur on August 7 2019 as part of the 2019 ACL World Championships. There will be two different World Championship on that day and the ACL World Championships will be broadcast live on ESPN 2 on August 7 in primetime.