Anyone Can Play | Anyone Can Win

In order to further our mission of making cornhole a global sport, the ACL sent two ACL Pros over to Germany for a friendship tournament in Konken during April of 2019. The event was organized by Cornhole Europa, and the ACL jumped at the opportunity to send pros over to create a friendship. The two ambassadors sent over to Germany were Dylan Wood from Virginia and Eric Weathers from Texas.

On the first day, April 26th, the two competed in a singles tournament against German players. Weathers ended up winning the tournament, even though it was played on different boards. The boards used in the tournament were shorter than American cornhole boards– measuring approximately 3 x 2 feet (American and WCO boards are 4 x 2 feet).

On the second day, April 27th, there was a blind draw tournament. Each American would be placed with a German player. Americans from a nearby military base, as well as some players from Sweden participated as well. Once again, Weathers won the blind draw tournament, but this time with his german counterpart. The blind draw tournament was played on both European (3 x 2) and American (4 x 2) cornhole boards.

Overall, this event served as a stepping stone for the international cornhole community, which the WCO is aggressively expanding. One of the main goals of the WCO is to continue expanding cornhole to all corners of the world, and this trip to Germany was an excellent step in that direction.