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The World Cornhole Organisation (WCO) is on a mission
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WCO World CUP 2023

The 2023 WCO World Cup took place in Paris, France this year. Famous soccer stadium “Charlety Stadium” was the host of the World Cup. The event was organized in collaboration with ACL Europe and FFCH (French Cornhole Federation. No less than 14 countries participated in the WCO World Cup. It was Team USA taking home the trophy in Paris. Want to register your country for the 2024 World Cup? Click the link below.

The Olympics – Not just a dream

Everyone that has ever thrown a bag knows it: this sport deserves the biggest stage in the world. That is why it is the ambition of the WCO to bring the sport of Cornhole to the Olympics. Not just a dream, but a structured approach to become a legitimate sport across the globe.

To accomplish this goal, the WCO works together with a large number of local Cornhole Federations. Want to be part of this exciting ride? Learn more here on how to join the WCO.


Watch the WCO World Cup 2023 – Paris, France