Anyone Can Play | Anyone Can Win

The Championships of Bags (COBS) is main event to end the season for the American Cornhole League. In 2017, the ACL broadcast over 8 hours of Cornhole on the ESPN platform. Championship Saturday, seen live on ESPN 2, included the Singles, Doubles, Women Singles, and Juniors Championships. The remaining Championships were seen on ESPN 3.

Some of the best attributes of Cornhole as a competitive sport was clearly on display during the ESPN broadcast. Cornhole is a family sport and a gender neutral sport. The Doubles Championship featured Matt Guy / Bret Guy (Father / Son) against Steve Vanderver / Jenn Vanderver (Husband / Wife). While Steve and Jenn finished second in the Doubles, they won the Mixed Doubles and Jenn won the Women Singles and made the Singles Championship final 64 bracket.

For a full recap check out the article on the ACL website.


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